Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Will He Ever Feel What She Felt?

peterFor nearly three years, Peter has been waiting. Waiting all day, waiting all night... He waits for expert medical care, he waits for attention, he waits for someone to come and take him out of his crib, he waits for someone to play with him, to teach him, to guide his development. But above all, he waits for this...


(Peach and her new daddy in the Vorzel Baby House #2 visiting room)

Will Peter ever know the security of a father’s arms wrapped around him? Will he ever feel the rhythmic peace of his daddy’s heartbeat thudding in his ear? If Patti over at A Perfect Lily has her way he will. She is hosting a pure love giveaway to raise awareness about Peter so that his forever family will find him and have a full adoption grant to cover the cost of saving his life.

Donate even just $10 between now and Feb. 10 and you will be a part of changing this child’s future... you will also be entered into a drawing to win an iPad, a Nikon D90 digital camera, or one of lots of other awesome prizes.

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