Friday, October 8, 2010

More Masha

Ok, before I post more about Masha let me just say that yes, Autumn is doing fine. She is healthy and happy and has a post of her own coming up soon.

My first attempt at making Russian salad (for Masha)


Tasting the ingredients...


Testing the final product...


“I think it needs some salt, mom”


Can this be the same girl who stood trembling with fear when her feet first touched the water?


Masha loves how high and fast her new swing is...


My four year old Jade took pictures of us :-)


We were so blessed to meet Masha’s grandparents. They took us out to dinner at TGIF’s. They shared so much precious information about Masha, and all that went into the decisions that were made concerning her. It was clear to us that they love her very much and we have promised to stay in touch with them.



Looking Up said...

Love the pics. Masha looks so happy. :) The pic of Masha with her grandparents brings tears to me eyes.

"Violet" said...

Wonderful Pictures! I love the picture with her grandparents too!
Would you be so kind to share the recipe for Russian salad (particularly if it met Masha's standards!)
Kindest Regards


Rochelle said...

So glad she has transitioned so well into the family. Love that her grandparents gave you so much information and that you guys will stay in touch with them, that is fantastic.

Holly W said...

I was just wondering how everyone was doing! So awesome that Masha is adjusting and loving life there...

Tina said...

She is so adorable, happy and lively little girl. I loved seeing all the pictures. It's great that you are going to keep in touch with her grandparents, it couldn't be easy for them. But at least they know what a wonderful life Masha is going to have and what great parents she's getting.

Sara Beamish said...

I love that you have a relationship with her grandparents! The picture of her with them brought me to tears aswell. What a very special little girl, obviously held VERY close in many hearts.

Sandie Flannery said...

I am sooo happy you were able to meet her Grandparents and relieve their anxiety. How wonderful that Masha had their love all the while she was waiting for your love! She looks so darn cute in the pics!! How are your children accepting the newbies?

Anonymous said...

Love the smile!!!

Katrina said...

she is so happy just look at her oh how I love her smile!!!!!

hartelijk said...

Oh these last two posts are the best, seeing the girls HOME where they belong makes me so happy!!
Beautifull, bless you and your precious family!

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