Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Little Girls Update

I wish I could find the time to blog about everything Masha and Autumn are doing and experiencing, but really, this is an intense time for me... trying to take care of all my little ones, work, and keep my house up... and oh yes, be a wife. So I’ll just share some slices of our life with you.

She is sitting up on her own and holding her bottle by herself, two big milestones. Her medicine seems to be helping and she is gaining weight. When she came home she was in 3 month clothes and now she is just moving into 9 month outfits. She enjoys peek-a-boo and will make the b sound when it is time to say “boo”. She claps, and throws her arms up when you say “hooray” to her. And when Autumn laughs, you have to laugh with her because she sounds like a squeaky toy.




And if you have forgotten how beautiful Miss Autumn’s eyes are, here is a little reminder...


She loves school, no doubt about it. She participates in everything and has even started pool therapy there. Her ability to understand English amazes us. Masha can say and sign so many words... she has no trouble making herself understood.



Masha sings and dances, her favorite song is ring-around-the-rosie but she only sings the “ashes ashes” part and then says “po” which is Ukrainian or Russian for something falling down. (Every time something falls Masha announces “po”). I think it is cute how she translated the song into something she is able to say. When I say Masha dances, I mean she loves music and dances to it instantly when it comes on. She is so funny... the girl has moves. It is even funnier when she takes whatever toy she is holding and turns it into a microphone and starts singing along while she dances.


Masha is a helper. She clears the table after dinner... not just her own plate but anything she can find ends up in the sink. She retrieves the baby’s bottle and Kimani’s bottles and gives them back to the girls. She brushes my hair and tries to brush Kimani’s hair. Masha will scream and cry if anyone makes a mess around her, as in when Kimani dumps over a laundry basket or throws her plate. Without my asking Masha brings me a diaper when Kimani is sitting on the potty, and she gets the right kind (all three girls have different diapers).


Masha is a cross-dresser... either that or she is a super hero. She always takes the boys undies and puts them on over her pants. This child is so entertaining.


Masha does her own hair... and then plays a little music for us.



As I said, there is so much more... everyday I wish I could write about adoption, what I see and how I feel (the good and the bad), but for now, for this season, pictures and tidbits will have to do.


Rochelle said...

Oh pictures and tidbits will do. We are finding it hard to blog and haven't even picked Dariya up yet.
Glad life is going so well, the girls are absolutely beautiful!

Amy Flege said...

they are all so beautiful!! loving hearing about how they are doing!! what a great update!!

Becca said...

Absolutely gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. So wonderful how well they're doing!! I loved this!

Looking Up said...

Thanks for the update. They look great!

Cathy said...

LOVE the post! So happy that they are both doing so wonderfully. What a blessing!!

Nathan'smama said...

Wonderful! Thanks for the update!

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

LOVE it! you are one busy lady!! and the girlz or so PERFECT!!! glad to see all is well! smiles

Melissa said...

They look WONDERFUL! So happy, healthy and of course BEAUTIFUL!



Sandie Flannery said...

Oh Sandra...those pictures took my breath away! Masha is so different with the long hair and Autumn is so healthy looking!!WOW!!

Not a Perfect Mom said...

hooray for an update! I wonder often how you all are doing...I'm so happy everyone seems to be doing well!!!

Mary Elise Dedicke (aka "Mel") said...

Love seeing so many adorable photos, especially at the piano :)

Kellan's momma said...

I love reading your updates! The girls are really growing, and thriving from the looks of it! You are one busy momma for sure! I miss your valueable Ds new momma posts tho!!

The Sanchez Family said...

I've been thinking so much about you! I'm so glad to see the pics and I so understand the feeling of not enough time...crazy busy these days! I can only imagine your business too!!! xo

Melissa said...

I'm so glad to see an update! I've been wondering how you all are.

Your girls are beautiful and flourishing!!

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