Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Masha's Box

If you have been following this blog, then you got to see lots of pictures of the orphanage where Masha lived. The grounds were well cared for, with a dilapidated swing, apple trees, and benches. You also saw the visiting area with the brown couch and mirrored pillar in the center of the room.

What you did not see was Masha’s sleeping quarters or where she spent the majority of her time in the living/play space designated to her “groupa”. On our last day there, I asked if I could take pictures of her living area so she would have them to always remember her beginnings. They graciously allowed me to do this.




I did not have the guts to ask if I could take a picture of the bedroom. It was a plain space filled with box cribs. There seemed to be no good reason to want a picture of it considering how sparse and sad a room it was. So to my husband’s chagrin, I snuck a picture of it.

All this time I have wondered which box was Masha’s. Yesterday Masha and I were looking through pictures of Vorzel on my computer and we came across her bedroom picture. She said something to me in Masha-speak. So I asked her, “where does Masha sleep?” and I signed sleep. Masha reached out and touched a bed on the screen.


I was shocked. Did she know what I was asking? I asked again... “Masha go night-night? Where does Masha go night-night?” Once again she pointed to the same crib. The one in the back along the wall... the center one.

I laughed to myself... yes it made sense that she would be in the crib with the least access to her neighbors considering how she plays with Kimani every morning...waking her up and getting into mischief. They would have wanted to keep this social butterfly as separated as possible.

The part about all this that is awesome for me is that Masha told me something I didn’t already know. My little darling has come a long way.


ErinL said...

I've loved those moments. Oksana still hasn't told me a ton. When I try to ask her about the orphanage she just talks about the balls they had to play with. If I ask specific questions I'll get a yes or no answer but sometimes I KNOW that her answer isn't the truth. For example..."Did you eat pizza at the orphanage?"..."Yes". Yeah right! However the other day we had a very neat encounter. She asked for a kiss and I was kissing her. I said "Did anyone at the orphanage kiss you?" She said "Yes, Ira." Ira was one of her favorite caregivers and I have seen Ira kiss her. Then she said "Kiss night night, come back tomorrow." Ira would kiss her goodnight and tell her she would be back in the morning! Not only did I love that bit of communication from Oksana but I also was overflowing with thankfulness for Ira. Someone kissed my baby goodnight :). Now that you reminded me about this story I need to go blog about it!

Melissa said...

I love these pictures and that Masha was able to communicate even a little bit about her time there.

Rochelle said...

Amazing what they remember. Love the pictures and love that your girls are home! I still can recall your posts from your trip like they were yesterday! Your trip was the first I ever got my hubby to actually read about. Now look we will be going there soon!

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

This is beautiful...and wonderful..that she knows where she came from and now sitting in her Mommy's lap she never has to worry where she is going! I love this story...thanks for sharing! smiles

Tina said...

Its amazing that she was able to communicate to you a very special little information about herself. I must say the orphanage is really quite nice, the play room seems rather well equipped and clean and tidy, I am so glad that the kids seem well looked after, considering what one imagines at time.

Rachel said...

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