Friday, June 15, 2012

Then and Now

Remember baby Peach?

My how she has changed. She has grown from a tiny 10 month old pile of mush into an adorable toddler... who has a bold side. She is walking and talking (and signing). Ask her almost any question and she will answer you with a "Yah." If I had time, I'd make a video of her answering all sorts of silly questions like,

"Autumn, is mommy the best mommy in the world?"


"Autumn, have you been naughty?"


"Autumn, is daddy crazy?"


"Autumn, are you a chunky monkey?"


"Autumn, is it bed time?"


She pulls out her ponytails, and breaks her bracelets. She cries while the water is filling up the tub and then screams laughing when the bath is ready. She is working hard on potty training and sometimes she will tell me when she has to go.

She is a daddy's girl through and through, and even calls me daddy. If I am holding her and she sees him, forget it, she is gone. She looks all around the house for him while he is at work.

Autumn has enough kisses for everybody. She will plant one on you if you get too close, or blow you one if you are out of reach. She is a social butterfly and loves attention, but waves me away and says, "No!" when I point the camera at her.

I got her today though with the long range lens...


ErinL said...

She is beautiful! If I remember right she had a SIGNIFICANT heart condition and it was feared that she wouldn't survive if she didn't get a family. What ever happened with that?

Lu, Poppies Blooming said...

Oh wow!!! She is gorgeous!!! What a silly girl! Oh to kiss those cheeks!!! <3

TUC said...


Turns out she has a complete AV canal defect, that untreated was causing issues with her pulmonary artery. In July of '10 the drs in Kyiv decided to put a stent in to hold her over until we could get her home that Fall. When she went in for that, they decided to do the whole fix. Our ped card followed up here and said she got a great fix and has no left over damage from having to wait. :-)

Rochelle said...


Anonymous said...

A picture with the ponytails in. Wow!

Miss you and all the kids. One more week until I fly home.


Chromosomally Enhanced said...

how is this possible!! how did she get so stink'n BIG!! how cute is she!! love it...I want to eat her up! Autumn is a perfection..smiles

Julie said...


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