Friday, July 23, 2010

The Grandma Book

Mallory’s Grandma Book is done. It was a lot of fun to make and I am happy with the way it turned out, though the parts I translated may be a bit rough. Our facilitator translated certain things for me, so at least grandma and grandpa will have some idea what I am trying to say, lol.

This is an 8” by 8” scrapbook. The album is Creative Memories (donated by my favorite CM consultant) and the rest of it is a mish-mash of scrap products I had in my stash. All the smears you will see are just me smudging out personal info so that I could post these pics on the Internet.


And, no don’t ask me if that’s her real name... you know I am not allowed to answer that question.

Inside Cover

You’re going to have to wait to find out her middle name :-)


The top part has her real Russian name and birth date. The bottom section has her American name and her adopted on date (the actual date will be hand-written in once it happens.)

Where is Mallory

Chez Nous

Inside Basics

Mom and Dad

The writing is “Father & Mother” and our wedding date.


The word is “Brother”.


It says “Brother.

Our Girl

The words say, “The girl we chose” (I hope ;-)


It says, “Waiting for Mallory”


The Grands

On the picture it says, “Grandpa & Grandma” and the other writing is the date of the photos.

Kimani Page1

It says, “Sister”

Kimani Page2


It has Peach’s American name, date of birth, and also says “adopted with Mallory”.

Promise Letter

The letter says that we will always love Mallory, that she will have a good life with us, and that we will teach her about her grandparents and tell her they love her.


Album Back Inside Cover


L.L. Barkat said...

oh, so gorgeous... from top to bottom

Jen said...

Absolutely priceless. What a thoughtful and loving thing to do...I HOPE and PRAY someone does this for Anna at Sofia's orphanage for her mama and grandparents. Oh Mallory and Peach are SOOOOO lucky!

TUC said...

Lol, Jen... I have a wonderful mama all picked out for Anna... now I just have to keep praying that her husband is moved to adopt. If they take her, the mama will have a beautiful book, and Anna would be one lucky angel.

nicole said...

I think the book is fabulous and the grand parents can hold the book and never have to wonder what its like were she would be great if you guys could stay in contact so they could get pictures etc..

Looking Up said...

How beautiful & thoughtful! I'm sure that this will help to reassure her grandparents that she will be in very loving hands! :)

To Love Endlessly said...

how wonderful! perhaps it's my pregnancy hormones, but this just made me cry. How sweet and wonderful of you to make this!

Rochelle said...

Ok I am NOT pregnant and this made me cry! Beautiful book that I am sure they will cherish. So thoughtful of you to do this for them.

cd said...


Molly said...

This is incredible!!! Beautiful. Gorgeous. I love it!

RissaRoo said...

Oh, what a beautiful gift! That's going to be such a treasure for her grandparents, and it's a blessing to have that connection.

Jen and TUC, I think I know the Anna you're talking about. I pray for her, beautiful and so heartbreaking. Such a blessing, though, to have that love and her new parents will be blessed to have that sweet connection as she grows up.

Beautiful book, TUC!

Lacey said...

Did you get submitted? We didn't, but Courtney said the Brown and Thomas family. I found the Brown family but not the Thomas and I don't know your last name!

TUC said...

It's not Thomas ;-)

Jasmine said...

I love you. xox

hartelijk said...

This brings tears to my eyes,
you are a really thoughtfull mama,
this must be so precious for the dear grandparents.
On their behalf i would say a big THANK YOU!

Praying the girls are fine , aspescially Peach!

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