Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Price of Love

More than one jaw has dropped at the answer to a question I am often asked, “How much is it to do this?” Drum roll please..... $31,803

The next question is inevitably, “Why does it cost so much?”

Here is my answer...

$2000. - Homestudy. The homestudy is completed by a licensed social worker who is employed by an accredited adoption agency.

$275. - Love offering and application fee to Reece’s Rainbow, the organization that finds and lists children with Ds for international adoption.

$696. - Paper... copies of birth and marriage certificates, 42 documents county stamped ($3 each) and apostilled ($10 each).

$397. - Mailing fees... the cost of sending the paper, 118 for the first batch, 118 for the second, and 161 for the rest of the dossier.

$140. - Doctor visit co-pays... everyone had to go to the dr to prove their health status, mom and dad had to go twice.

$140. - Fingerprinting fees for state background check.

$75. - The cost of renewing my expired passport.

$830. - cost to file the i600a form with USCIS, includes biometrics fee.

$5000. RT airfare for 2 adults to our destination city.

$1500. One Way children tickets to US.

$10500. Facilitation fees. 8500 for the first child, 2000 for the second. The cost of their agency fees, attorney fees, translation expenses, court expenses, etc.

$2000. - The in-country transportation expenses. A driver is assigned to take us to and from the orphanage and to all of our legal appointments. Their version of a rent-a-car.

$1500. - Required orphanage donation. 1000 for the first child, 500 for the second.

$3800. - 38 days of lodging and food expenses. Estimated 3 weeks for the adoption to happen, 10 day waiting period, 7 days to get children’s documents in order to leave the country.

$1100. - Visas and medical exams for the girls.

$1200. - Passports for the girls.

$500. - RT airfare to fly childcare (MIL) in to babysit while we are away.

$150. - Standard thank you gifts for the girls’ groupas (caretakers) and the facilitators.

Priceless - the lives of two human beings.


Rochelle said...

Priceless is right. WOW that number seemed overwhelming when I first looked at it but, as I thought of these two lives you are welcoming into your family there is no price that can compare. Thanks for posting this out like this, we have talked of adoption many times even looked at RR a number of times but, my hubbie wants to know where all the money goes...This will be a great post to show him.

nicole said...

I know some people say why so much but in the end whats the price tag we put on two childrens lives??that amt well see ten times over but there lives are priceless and so worth it..i wish people would see this when asked to donate.

G-Zell said...

WOW..... it sure adds up but like we all agree it is a small amount comparted to the wealth of love everyone gets.

They are both so worth it. Can't wait to see them home with you.

Melissa M said...

Priceless indeed! It seems like a huge amount when you talk about $31,000+. But people spend so much on little things and never really think about it. Just a little bit of that can go so far in saving lives!

To Love Endlessly said...

priceless love. These girls are so blessed that they're gonna have you as their mama!

Monica said...

Amazing when you break it all down. I knew some of the expenses, but I had no idea that paper and mailing fees would also add up so much, too. Thank goodness you get an ever so slight break on a second child in some areas rather than having to pay full price. In the end, though, it's not about money. It's about saving two precious little lives and giving them a Mom and Dad, siblings and a happy home. That is priceless!

Linnea said...

Priceless is right!
Some people buy big houses, some buy really nice and expensive cars, some go on exotic vacations I buy kids. That is probably a very poor way to put it but it is what I tell people...I spend my money on children and I have no regrets. God supplies all my needs and I am learning the difference between needs and wants. It may seem like an overwhelming number but nothing is to difficult for our God!
I am so happy you are giving these girls freedom!

Be blessed

Kristin said...

...and worth every penny!
(and to those who think international adoption is so much more expensive than domestic - we spent over $20,000 to adopt one kiddo with Ds out of another state - travel expenses will do you in no matter where you're going!)

Sweet Pea's Mommy said...

Ditto the "worth every penny" statement! I'm blown away but think it extremely wise of you to adopt two precious angels at the same time so that you don't have to pay a good chunk of those expenses to do this a second time. That and you only have to leave your family once to go rescue them. You are a wonderful woman and I am so excited for you to be getting so close to the finish line!

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