Friday, September 24, 2010

Almost "Gotcha"

If you were to do the math, you would realize that our ten day waiting period ended on Saturday, September 18. This means we could have picked the girls up from the orphanage on Monday the 20th, but we didn’t.

Most families are chomping at the bit to take their children out, and we too were looking forward to it. But the doctors, facilitator, and even our translator asked us to please wait for Autumn’s sake. Autumn is only two months out from her major heart reconstruction and although she is doing very well, she has never really been exposed to germs...

When I hold this tiny baby, I can see what my Kimani might have been like if not for the meningitis that robbed her of so much of her vision. Autumn stares right into my eyes with all her fragility and innocence.


There are many times when I second guess and play “what if” about the decisions we made with Kimani when she was in the hospital. In so many ways the situation was similar. It was like she was stuck in prison and we ached to bring her home. Maybe if we had not been so impatient to bring her home, we would not have agreed to a feeding tube... the tube that eventually led to her contracting bacterial meningitis.

Anyway, just so you know, I don’t stop the game there and wallow in sorrow and guilt... I always play it out to the end... when two years ago today she underwent the double heart surgery that saved her life. Without the weeks of being sick, she would not have had those two surgeries in the same day, and who knows what the outcome would have been for her if her aorta had been cut apart two months earlier, and her heart operated on four months later.

I tell you this just so that you can understand why I would let Masha and Autumn spend an extra week in an orphanage, rather than in my arms in the heart of Kyiv. I was afraid that Autumn would get sick, really sick, life-changing sick.

Yesterday was gotcha day. We were so excited. We brought their beautiful dresses with us to the orphanage. Five minutes from Vorzel, our facilitator got a phone call... Autumn is in the hospital. We continued to the orphanage and after many conversations with the staff and the hospital, we found out that she has cold-like symptoms and a fever. She will not be released before Monday.

Part of me thinks that maybe they are just being overly cautious, but the other part thinks they don’t take babies from the orphanage to the hospital for a just a cold. We are trying to get permission to visit her. I feel like if I can see her I will be able to tell how serious it is.

Please pray for Autumn that this is something that she will beat in a couple days.

Smooching with daddy (video)


Julia said...

Hey - We are here in Kiev with Aaron... stuck until at least Monday. Our number is 099 470 6792

Please contact us... We would LOVE to meet up with you guys. We are not far from you from what Joel Fick told us last night.

So sorry you didn't get the girls yesterday!

Rob and Julia Nalle

Mel said...

Fingers crossed it is just a cold and you have her in your arms soon.

Thinking of you from half a world away :)

Tracey Sharp said...

We are sending our prayers!!

Mel said...

Praying too!! My kids used to LOVE to give chin kisses! :) I'm very thankful that you didn't take the girls out on Monday... things might have been worse if she had gotten sick in your care or on the plane ride home. God knows what He's doing. Hang in there!!!

RissaRoo said...

Praying for your sweet little Autumn!!! I have heard they they will often send a child to the hospital for a cold or flu, and with her history I bet they were even quicker to send her. Prayers that it really is a simple cold and that she'll be ready to go very soon! Prayers also for the extra bit of strength for you two as you finish this race (marathon!).

The Sanchez Family said...

Sending LOTS of will all be home soon! HUGS!

Rochelle said...

Praying for Autumn and all of you. We can't wait to celebrate gotcha day with you.

To Love Endlessly said...

lifting up prayers, lots & lots of prayers!

Sweet Pea's Mommy said...

You and Autumn have our prayers too!

Linnea said...

Lord, Please heal this baby on earth and soon so they can bring her home. Thank you for finding her family. Thank you for this family. Give them strength Lord and peace that only you could give them. In Your name we pray. Amen

G-Zell said...

What a wonderful video cute! I am praying for Autumn.

Cole said...

Oh I hope you get news on sweet Autumn soon! I know that must be stressful for you guys. You did the right thing- in both situations. The what if game only serves to weaken our confidence- don't get me wrong- I play it too- but be kind to yourself- you are an awesome momma! And from your next post- did you get the filet-o-fish? :)

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