Monday, August 9, 2010

Peach’s Grandma Book

Peach’s Grandma Book is finished. Scrapbooking is such a good de-stress mechanism for me. Doing this book was enjoyable because it was a small well-defined project. I really hope this book (and Mallory’s) gives the grandparents a sense of peace and hope for their grandbabies.

Peach’s book is also an 8” by 8” scrapbook. The lavender album is Creative Memories and it was given to me by the March of Dimes people that hosted a scrap night every Tuesday evening when my daughter Kimani was living in the NICU. Most of the book is identical to Mallory’s so I will only post the pages that are unique. And of course, the smears are just me smudging out personal info so that I could post these pics on the Internet.


The top part has her real Russian name and birth date. The bottom section has her American name and her adopted on date (the actual date will be hand-written in once it happens.)

Our Girl

The words say, “Precious girl”


It says, “Waiting for Peach”


It has Mallory’s American name, date of birth, and also says “adopted with Peach”.

Promise Letter

The letter says that we will always love Peach, that she will have a good life with us, and that we will teach her about her grandparents and tell her they love her.


Rochelle said...

These scrapbooks make me tear up everytime you post about them. That is such an awesome gift to the family.
And seriously if you need more destressing I can send you Aidan & Alayna's that need much catching up on (just sayin' =) )

Runningmama said...

Oh my goodness, those are priceless!

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