Saturday, August 28, 2010

Updates and Pics

I thought I should post an update about our actual progress here (or rather lack there of).

As you know our SDA appointment was August 19. For those of you not versed in Ukrainian adoptions, that was the formal “referral” appointment where they “show” us the child they are offering us and we agree to go meet them. They draw up papers and the next day they are available for the facilitator to give to the orphanage where the child resides. This is basically legal permission to go visit the child.

At our SDA appointment we learned that we need two appointments because the girls are not sibs. The second appt has not happened yet, nor is it scheduled as far as I know. Also we learned that Masha’s (Mallory’s) paperwork was not correctly done and her mother would need to get some things redone. We have not heard anything about how that is going.

We were able to meet both of the girls and, aside from the day the inspectors were at the orphanage, we can visit them whenever we want (during visiting hours). We are supposed to have a formal sit down with the doctor in each of our girls’ groupa houses. So far neither date has happened. We have tried twice with each but for various reasons it didn’t work out. We will try again on Wednesday the 1st.

Interpol, Interpol, Interpol, please hurry up. Right now Interpol is the hold up. Part of an international adoption requires being cleared by Interpol (yeah, that cool European version of the FBI that you always see in the movies). We cannot go to court without Interpol clearance. We were told that since ours is not ready, court will be set for September 8 in the hopes that it will be here by then. I am hoping for some miracle where it appears on Monday and they squeeze us in this Wed or Thurs.

Ok, so the judge agreed to waive the ten days. Wooo hooo, right? Well the next agency in line will not agree to honor her decision and will wait the ten days out before they will begin their part. OMG, seriously!?! That puts us at the 18th, which is a Saturday, so really we are looking at Monday the 20th to apply for the tax code. The tax code, yup, whatever it is, it takes about 5 days to get... and you need it in order to get the passports.

Monday the 27th we will be able to go for passports and whatever else is left to wrap up. That takes a couple days... Then beautiful Nadya smiles at us and says that this is of course the worst case scenario she has described to us.

Eye on the prize, eyes on the prizes...




Peach’s foot is the size of a newborn’s



Masha was very happy to see mama


She loved the little mirror compact we brought for her


Wish I felt this way about my reflection!


Let’s play telephone...




Sylvia said...

Wow. I was so excited when I read the 10 days were waived!! Then I read on! That is ridiculous! But...whatever it takes to get the babies :) Which by the way are beautiful children!

Anonymous said...

An update with pictures..I am so happy! :) Prayers and positive thoughts that the 10 days eventually get waived.

So glad you are spending time with the girls. I wish I could be there with you!

Peach is beautiful. She looks so content in the picture with Daddy. I suspect she will be a true "Daddy's girl".

Mallory, oh Mallory. She already has me wrapped around her finger. I foresee the future -- Auntie Denise letting her get away with everything and as a result -- both of us in trouble with Mama!

Love you - Miss you

Lisa S. said... always make me cry!! That Masha is absolutely in love with you and Peach-well she actually looks like her Daddy!!! I will pray for you and for this trip. I will pray that we all can be together soon (& yes that includes our Yana!!)

Courtney said...

Wow. I so wish this process was going more smoothly for you guys...but man, those girls are amazing. I can't wait till you get home...and then we really are going to get together so I can meet those beautiful Ukrainian Princesses.

Danielle said...

Oh no!
I will be praying for you guys. I know you guys want to get home to your kids. I am really worried about how we are going to deal with that.

hartelijk said...

Praying for you and your family, prying That He will straighten the path for you and all of you will be together as afamily soon!
The pics are so touching!
Daddy and Peach have the same eyes, and Mallory being so thrilled to see mama, ahw tears here!
Blessings from a follower from Holland.

Debbie said...

Wow, the girls are so beautiful! I wonder if they drag the process out so long so you are there longer, spending more money? (I am really just kidding). I sure hope that the worst case scenario does not come true, but at the end of it will be HOME with 2 beautiful girls :)

Lu, Poppies Blooming said...

Oh goodness... politics! I am praying that the meanie that is making you wait the ten days anyway, changes that!

Ok the photos... could they be any more gorgeous?? My heart just leaps seeing them! The one of Peach and daddy is gorgeous! As is the one of Mummy and Peach, those two should be side by side in a huge frame they are stunning!

Why don't you just hop on over to London during all this waiting? :)

Ok, going to go pray now for you! Just love those beautiful girls!


Anonymous said...

Praying for things to go at least as smoothly as they can from here on out. Wow- they are beautiful. Do the girls know each other or do you have to visit them separately? I love, love, love the pix. They are precious. Prizes indeed!

G-Zell said...

This is so exciting! They are just beautiful. That stinks about the 10 days. :(

Great pics.

Julia said...

Hey - sounds like we may end up being on the same timeschedule as you guys. We have court Sept 9th.... Of course we have had our major headaches as well and passing court is going to be a major to-do. Hope you get your 2nd SDA this week. The new rule is crazy - our e-mail is if you want to talk. We are adopting Aaron.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful girls! Everyone looks so happy!

Ruben & JoAnn said...

So happy you met your beautiful girls! They are so precious...praying for the polictics to be over..I was stuck in country an extra 3 weeks or more for the country codes...I know what you're going through that way...I'll keep praying for you guys...

Farmgirl said...

The pictures are STUNNING! The look of joy on the faces of all involved.... wonderful. Praying things work out quickly.

Marianne said...

Love the pictures!! Oh, those baby toes are too sweet. I hope you get your second referral SOON!!

Jasmine said...

Sandra, watching your husband with the baby touched my heart. And then your little one running to you - God bless you guys. This is true religion!!!!!

Take good care.

RissaRoo said...

Oh! They are precious, and look how perfectly they fit in your arms. I am praying for you, that they will shorten the time you're waiting there and that you will all soon be home.

I keep going back to the pictures of M. with that little compact! Oh, how I LOVE her smile. Your house is going to be so full of love and laughter!

Lacey said...

Ugh, I'm sorry you got the worst case senerio! I dread that happening to us to, especially since no one has been to our region yet. Who is disputing the waiving of the 10 days?

Rich, Andrea, Reece & Owen said...

Sandra, they are just STUNNING.....

Anonymous said...

Mom, oh wow, the girls look great.


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